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Vajrai Waterfall

The Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall is a waterfall on the Urmodi river, situated approximately 27 kilometers from the city of Satara (city), Maharashtra, and near Sahyadri hill.[1] The Height of the Waterfall is 560m, and is the second highest plunge waterfall in India, after the Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya, with a drop of 335 m (1100 ft). When all three tiers of the waterfall are measured together, it has a height of 560 meters.

Kas Plateau

The Kas Plateau Reserved Forest, also known as the Kaas Pathar, is a plateau situated 25 kilometres west from Satara city in Maharashtra, India. It falls under the Sahyadri Sub Cluster of the Western Ghats, and it became a part of a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2012.It is a biodiversity hotspot known for various types of seasonal wild flowers bloom and numerous species of endemic butterflies annually in the months of August and September. The plateau is situated at an altitude of 1200 metres and is approximately 10 square kilometers in area.near Sahyadri hill. Kaas Pathar is a plateau made from volcanic rocks in the Satara district .  Kaas is famous for its overwhelming carpets of flowers which come alive by the fag end of the monsoons. 

Datta Mandir

Datta Mandir is a famous place in Satara region. Datta Mandir is famous for their Lord Ek Mukhi Datta. Usually lord Datta has 3 faces but in Datta Mandir there is Ek Mukhi Datta. The statue of Lord Ek Mukhi Datta is very beautiful. The idol of Lord Dattatreya here in the sanctum is different from the idols that we see otherwise. You can also see the Padukas i.e. footwear of Lord Datta here.

Triveni Sangam

Beautiful serene feeling when you are at the center of the three rivers… There are three rivers koyna, kandati and sholashi is very beautiful and amazing place. With the 90 km long reservoir of the Koyna backwaters right at the door step, boating is one of the most popular activities that bms boat club shembadi offers. Many picturesque spots like the shembadi Island, Triveni Sangam etc has been identified where the guests are taken to for sightseeing during a boating trip
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If you are looking for a quaint getaway in a mountain destination then look no further than Tapola in Maharashtra that boasts of beautiful lakeside, lush greenery and seasonal waterfalls. The rustic hamlet is located about 25 km from Mahabaleshwar. Also known as ‘Mini Kashmir’, Tapola offers mesmerizing views of the Sahyadri Hills. The pleasant weather and calm surroundings are indeed therapeutic and calming to your soul.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary and natural World Heritage Site, which is located in Satara district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Further, this wildlife sanctuary is designated as an Important Bird area. The sanctuary is nested in the Western Ghats, covering an area of around 423.55 km2 (163.53 sq mi), and elevations ranging from 600 to 1,100 m (2,000 to 3,600 ft). It was notified in 1985 as a wildlife sanctuary situated in Maharashtra. It forms the northern portion of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, with Chandoli National Park forming the southern part of the reserve.

Sajjangad Fort

Sajjangad (Marathi: सज्जनगड), meaning “Fort of Good People”, is located near the city of Satara, India. It is the final resting place of Sant Ramdas in 18th century India (born 1608). His teachings and works written in books such as Dasbodh are read and followed by many people even today in the state of Maharashtra and Sajjangad is a popular place of pilgrimage.The fort was built by Bahamani rulers in between (1347-1527). Later (1527-1586) it came in possession of the Adilshahi dynasty.This fort was captured by Shivaji on 2 April 1663 from Adilshah. Previously known as Parali, it was renamed to Sajjangad. Fateullahakhan’s army encircled the fort on 21 April 1700 and finally captured it on 6 June 1700. After it became the part of Mughal empire, it was renamed as “Navrastara”.This fort was again won by Marathas. It remained in Maratha hands until the demise of the Maratha empire by the British in 1818.

Pratapgad Fort

THE FORTRESS OF PRATAPGAD WAS completed in 1656 under the orders of the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji. The construction of the hilltop stronghold turned out to be an inspired piece of strategy, as just three years later it played a pivotal role in the Battle of Pratapgad, a turning point for the fledgling Maratha.

In the 1650s, the young Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ordered his peshwa, or prime minister, Moropant Trimbak Pingle, to oversee the construction of a strategic fort in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra. Built on a high spur and completed in 1656, the new two-level fort of Pratapgad (meaning “Valour Fort”) was ideally placed to defend the banks of the Nira and Koyna rivers and the strategic Par pass.
Location is beautiful, service is too good, staffs are very very polite and the view from the room is stunning. The rates are pretty reasonable considering this also includes water rides. There are some long boat rides which you can book at an additional cost. Food is good but there are scope of improvement ...
mnisha mutha
Very few people know about Tapola. We stay at Shivsagar resort which offers amazing lake view. Rooms are huge and clean, also the food (veg and nonveg ) they serve is very delicious.Nice place to spend good time with family and friends. Mr. Ajay and other staff is very helpful. They offer amazing packages.
shivam goda
Place is located at a very beautiful location in Tapola. Rooms are spacious and clean - large enough to have a blast with more number of people. Cleanliness was maintained. Food quality is nice. Service provided was really good. Happy with the experience at Shivsagar resort.
nill bafna
I have really enjoyed their service. They'll welcome you with a big smile and make sure you stay peaceful without any worries. The food is excellent, views from the hotel room itself is serene. I've also looked for other places nearby but the location they've choosen gives the best views possible in the entire region.
Anil tupe
Nice experience with all Shivsagar team ....particularly Mr. Kisanji, owner .... The young team maintaining hygiene plus attending everyone like a family member. Food, stay, rooms, activities are good...... Thanks Team Shivsagar
fatima khan
Place is just awesome and peaceful!! Water sports are like you have your own beach and boats ( staff will be there and follow all safety measures). Staff is very friendly and coperative. Overall nice and must visit place ☺️
Pooja Oswal

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